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Welcome to Discovering Sustainability, a student led journal in the Sustainability Research Institute at the University of Leeds. The purpose of this journal is to publicise the work of students as producers of education, research and outreach. Contributions focus on some of the most serious environmental and social challenges of the present day. We believe that the University should be an active participant in the creation of a society that ensures prosperity for all, taking into full consideration that the planet on which we live has limits and that resources are not infinite.

Creating space for new ideas and making time for open dialogue is at the core of the Sustainability ethos. Furthermore, this journal aims to show that students are not simply passive recipients of an 'education' and that students and tutors alike are co-producers of knowledge. This open approach to discussion means that our contributors come from a wide range of academic and professional backgrounds and approach Sustainability in a truly interdisciplinary and collaborative way.

Featured Articles

Winter Edition 2019/20

Ecological Economics

Fresh Water – the truth for Aboriginals communities in Canada

Water covers over two-thirds of our planet, yet, less than 3% is freshwater suitable for consumption [1]. Certain countries are water-rich, while many others are...

Just Another Brick in the Wall? The London Housing Crisis and Unfair Distribution

We don’t need no wealth taxation. We don’t need no land controls. Re-distribution? Not on our watch. Hey, Corbyn, leave our wealth alone! As house...

Ghost Fishing: the spectre of unsustainable scale haunting our seas

We’ve all heard about the plastic problem in our oceans. We’ve seen pictures: great floating garbage islands, and remote beaches covered in straws and bottles....

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Student Research

The Colour Hyde Park Project: Fusing art and development

Hello – I’m Ale, my current sustainability project is to develop the second phase of Colour Hyde Park Project! We are looking to create inclusion...

Local research towards global goals: The 2020 Student Sustainability Research Conference

As a Student Sustainability Architect working on the Leeds Sustainable Curriculum and Conference projects, the days and weeks leading up to the 2020 Student Sustainability...

Food for thought: a student sustainability architect's perspective

We all need food. We do not need food in the same way that we need transport or clothes or anything else that makes our...

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