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The Colour Hyde Park Project: Fusing art and development

Written by Alejandra Velarde Medina

Student Research
Sustainability Architects

Hello – I’m Ale, my current sustainability project is to develop the second phase of Colour Hyde Park Project! We are looking to create inclusion and a positive contribution within the Hyde Park community. Our project aims to improve the visual appearance of the area and celebrate the spirit and diversity of the community through the creation of multiple artistic murals around Hyde Park in Leeds.

Colouring murals is one of the ways the project aims to transform Hyde Park

The project's goal is to enhance inclusive societies for sustainable development and strengthen efforts to protect and safeguard Hyde Park’s cultural heritage. Furthermore, we aim to provide opportunities for everyone through the recruitment of talented designers, the promotion of artwork and engagement experiences within the community.

We are launching a competition in which we are looking for mural designs that reflect the Hyde Park community and why it’s a great place to live, work and study. Overall, we want to celebrate people, diversity, history, the natural beauty, landmarks, businesses and show what makes Hyde Park a special place to live! We are looking forward to embracing everyone and alleviate social issues through sustainable solutions.

The competition is an excellent opportunity to show your talent, and it welcomes everyone that desires to be involved with the Hyde Park community. The detail s of the competition requirements will be launched soon. I strongly recommend following the university sustainable social media channels!

Mural designs from the last competition



You can find more information here:

Instagram: uol_sus


Alejandra Velarde Medina

Sustainability Architects