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"No-one is too small to make a difference" - Greta Thunberg

Written by Bianca Drotleff

Book Reviews
“No one is too small to make a difference” is an inspiring book by Greta Thunberg, the girl who in 2018 started a global youth movement on climate change through school strikes. She attempts to show that we need collective action from scientists and businesses to politicians and regular people to stop the climate crisis.
This pocket-sized book presents Greta’s mighty speeches from across the world, from the UN Conference to the World Economic Forum and street marches. Her speeches draw attention to the emergency of reversing the threats of climate change and help our planet. Fearlessly, Greta emphasizes why ‘our house is on fire’ and how important it is to “do something for the sake of future generations”.
The strength of this book is that it clearly points out the danger of ignoring climate change and even if you still do not know why this problem is so urgent, by the end of it you will start wondering why we are so ignorant. Greta’s book is a strong call to action because we should act while “we can still fix this”.


Bianca Drotleff

MSc Environment & Development 2019/20